The Washington Post
 Nepal border protests have led to a dangerous humanitarian crisis (contribution)
→ Missing American volunteer, Dahlia Yehia, beaten to death in Nepal
→ The world’s most renowned Sherpa talks Mt. Everest.
→ How a gorgeous mountain pass in Nepal turned into a graveyard.
→ Nepal election puts Maoists, and a nation’s disillusion, in spotlight. (contribution)
→ Nepal, once known for farming, now exports people; migrants earn big but face risks. (contribution)
→ How Kathmandu’s ‘kung fu nuns’ sprang into action after the quake (photo and contribution)
→ Nepali government’s delays frustrate international aid workers (contribution)
→ When Mount Everest shook: A minute of horror, hours of panic (contribution)
Asian Geographic

→ WHAT REMAINS: When Money Buys A Downfall
National Geographic

→ Nepal Desperate for Helicopters to Reach Shattered Villages (Reporting from Kathmandu)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

→ PG longform: Pittsburgh's new immigrants (Translation)
→ Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: For many refugees, a life in limbo (contribution)
→ Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: One night at a refugee camp in Nepal (contribution)
→ Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: Divided families in Nepal remain in limbo (contribution)
Buzzfeed News
→ Nepal’s Hospitals Are Running Out Of Medicine As Blockade Shows No Sign Of Ending
→ India Has Halted The Everyday Goods Nepal Needs To Survive (Contribution)
→ This Is What Life Is Like For Nepal’s Earthquake Victims
A Year After One Of Nepal’s Worst Earthquakes Things Are Worse Than Ever (Contribution)
(Nepali translation of the same story)

→ Remembering Freak Street (Re-appearance, Originally published at The Kathmandu Post)

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