Saturday, July 3, 2010


HOSTEL; its often said ‘Home away from home'. But home is not as hard as hostel life is. A hostel life is really something hard. It is the same everyday; yesterday, today and tomorrow seem no different.

Being a hostel student for past two years, I had both interesting and bitter experiences. Initially, I used to feel lonely and isolated at hostel. Being a village student from outside the valley, I was scared with the student from different communities and groups. But gradually, the magic of hostel is cast upon new resident. With new relationships, responsibilities and friendships, it started being comfortable.

To more extent Hostel is a good alternative for learning students. As exam pass, we feel like some burden has been removed from our shoulders. However exam pressure is most difficult time in hostel life. Exams are very restless periods. We don’t get to sleep until an exam pass. Competitive atmosphere in hostel sounds much interesting. One friend does not go for sleep until next friend switches off lights in his room. ‘How much have you prepared?’ is the common question during dining table. ‘Nothing, and you?’ the other replies.
Ragging is most common problems for new comers. Juniors had to do some unusual behaviors as per the seniors’ wish. Homesickness is the next trouble. Love always drags us back home. Immediately after the holidays are announced, everyone is in a hurry to rush home. There is some unusual shine in everyone’s face when Saturday’s morning comes. At hostel I hardly get calls, besides my parents of course. My phone used to buzz non-stop at home, but I was not allowed to use cell phones at my hostel. That was the really difficult situation for me. So getting emails makes me much exited. Later I started keeping cell phones violating hostel rules. As I switches on at mid night, I used to get so many sms which makes me much excited.
This might be something normal for those who have lived in a hostel for a really long time. But my entry to the hostel life at the age of 15 was not a trifle matter for me. Although I was far from the members of my family, I really overjoyed being with my friends from different parts of Nepal.

As my experiences say, one learns to become independent, social and duty bound in hostel. We harbor confidence and courage and try to find happiness from everything. The actual value of freedom values in hostel. It teaches the importance of discipline, co-operation, unity and compromises.

My hostel days are almost over now. But the hostel memories will always last; last forever. Days will pass out but memories will always survive. Memories of every bit of moments we studied for whole night, memories of every bit of moments we talked on mobile phones violating hostel rules, memories of every bit of moments we prepared chicken roost in heater at midnight will always keep memories of my college days alive.

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  1. Good xperience dude , ppl must be xperienced of everything either being isolated or with all , main thing is we shoud discover who we r without our belongings and relatives,,,,, i was also in hostel for 5-6 years in ma school life. And in the begining it was so difficult to tackle those situations & circumtances but later i became used to and i still like being on hostl (those dayz tooo)